Alcoholism & Addiction Recovery

We don’t need to cite a bunch of global statistics regarding alcoholism and addiction. If you are visiting our website, chances are you, a loved one, or a friend is experiencing disruptive consequences of substance use. Such experience is personal, and you are seeking guidance and help for your specific case.

Likewise, treatment and recovery pathways are also personal. What motivates one person doesn’t necessarily motivate another. There is no one size fits all approach. At Crossings, we treat the individual, albeit in a group setting, using assessment, treatment, planning, and recovery strategies and tools that are evidence-based. These one-to-one strategies are then woven into the group or peer setting for further reinforcement and growth through group work and support.

We also acknowledge that addiction impacts an individual’s entire social and relationship dynamic. For these reasons, Crossings embraces a holistic approach that provides education, support, and encouragement for the addict’s support network, acknowledging that everyone plays a role in recovery.

We welcome a compassionate conversation.